OzoPure - Home Multi-Use - This unit is designed for home use to sanitise air, water and for basic treatments. The unit comes complete with tubing and diffuser stones. High ozone output with the ability to cycle on and off according to selected timer settings.

Ozone output: Max 500 mg/hr 

Recommended Retail: R3220 inclusive of 15% VAT 

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Tap Water Sanitation - This unit is designed for home use to sanitise tap water as it flows from the tap. It is primarily designed to kill bacteria in tap water with no filtration system. The unit fits directly onto the tap spout and is provided with a variety of connections to ensure it can fit any type of spout. No electricity is required as the unit generates it's own electricity with a dynamo effect to power the ozone generator.

Recommended Retail: R2406.79 inclusive of 15% VAT 

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