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5 May 2010: Ozogen to release a new range of highly cost effective and super reliable ozone generators in May 2010, P102 to P105, 2g/h to 15g/h.

25 January 2010: Ozogen revise the housing design of all P range O3 Generators. The redesign is to include the latest changes in O3 technologies to again further improve the quality and reliability of this range of products. The whole design is around running in the worst conditions possible 24/7 for many years without internal part replacement.

2 April 2009: Ozogen provide the Sol Kerzner - One&Only Resort in Cape Town with O3 generators for various swimming pools and water features.

1 Dec 2008: Ozogen revise the P002 3g/h Ozone Generator to include water cooling of the detonator centre core when used on water sanitation projects.

14 April 2008: Ozogen initiate a process to electro-polish and pacify the stainless steel centre piece of the detonator, the direct results are higher performance and less maintenance, further improving all swimming pool and water sanitation  units.



These devices create a suction to suck air or fluids by working on a pressure differential between the inlet and outlet and essentially have a diameter reduction in the pipe that causes the differential pressure.

To select the correct venturi, the following must be known:

1) What do you want to inject? (Fluid or Gas)

2) How much do you want to inject per hour?

3) What is the available pressure/flow rate feeding into the venturi?

4) What is the expected/required flow rate after the venturi?

Ozogen can provide a full range of standard and  modified venturi injectors.
















50mm with 13mm, 14mm and 15mm inner inserts to allow fine tuning of water flow and suction.

Please contact us with your requirements sales@ozogen.co.za