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5 May 2010: Ozogen to release a new range of highly cost effective and super reliable ozone generators in May 2010, P102 to P105, 2g/h to 15g/h.

25 January 2010: Ozogen revise the housing design of all P range O3 Generators. The redesign is to include the latest changes in O3 technologies to again further improve the quality and reliability of this range of products. The whole design is around running in the worst conditions possible 24/7 for many years without internal part replacement.

2 April 2009: Ozogen provide the Sol Kerzner - One&Only Resort in Cape Town with O3 generators for various swimming pools and water features.

1 Dec 2008: Ozogen revise the P002 3g/h Ozone Generator to include water cooling of the detonator centre core when used on water sanitation projects.

14 April 2008: Ozogen initiate a process to electro-polish and pacify the stainless steel centre piece of the detonator, the direct results are higher performance and less maintenance, further improving all swimming pool and water sanitation  units.




A One (1) year limited warranty is applied on all products unless stipulated differently on the invoice.

All products either manufactured or imported by OZOGEN will be repaired or replaced for free if returned to OZOGEN within 1 year on sufficient proof that damage can be ascribed to faulty workmanship or materials.

Replace/Repair Terms:

OZOGEN maintain the right to decide as to if a faulty product is covered under warranty and will be repaired or replaced.

Generally, faulty items returned within 7 days complete in their original packaging are replaced, faulty items returned after 7 days or not complete in original packing are repaired.

OZOGEN will repair the faulty product in as short a time as possible but the general term is within 21 working days.

OZOGEN also maintain the right to decide if a loan unit will be provided to the customer to use whilst their faulty product is being repaired. One of the key factors that this will depend on is the availability of loan units.

Warranty Terms:

No transport or removal costs will be covered by OZOGEN.

Warrantee claims will only be attended to within OZOGEN working hours and only if the unit in question is easily and readily available for inspection by OZOGEN.

On no occasions will OZOGEN entertain claims that are not substantiated by a legitimate invoice initiated by OZOGEN.

In no circumstances shall OZOGEN be held liable for any direct or indirect or consequential loss suffered by the customer or any other party.

This warranty is the only warranty which is given and is expressly in lieu of all other warranties, expressed or implied in law, including any implied warrant of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose.  No amendments or additions to this warrant shall be binding on OZOGEN unless recorded in writing and signed by a duly authorized officer of the company.

This warranty shall be vitiated and rendered of no force and effect if any repairs or any work is undertaken by the customer or others on his behalf in an attempt to remedy an alleged fault unless authorized in writing by OZOGEN.

Should the faulty product not be covered under the warranty, OZOGEN will repair the product upon request of the customer, charging for parts and labor. It is the responsibility of the customer to request a quote if so required.

No repaired products will be released unless the repair fee has been paid in full. 

Warranty Exclusions:

The existence of any one or more of the conditions listed below will immediately invalidate the warrantee:

  • Water damage.
  • Lightning or surge damage. (it is recommended that all products are plugged into a SABS approved surge arrestor)
  • Any damage that is due to incorrect installation or circumstances arising from incorrect installation. (also modification or self repair)
  • Physical damage or breakage (Rough handling, transport or incorrect installation).
  • Any damage caused by natural forces of any description, i.e.: hail, frost, fire, etc.
  • Any damage caused by usage beyond the design specifications of the particular product (not used as designed for).
  • Any damage caused by appliances not intended to be connected to the particular product or incorrectly connected. (not used as designed for).
  • Use of products designed for domestic use in commercial applications. (excessive use, not used as designed for)

* Please note that Ozogen cannot sit with repaired items indefinitely and items not collected within 60 days from date of drop-off will be sold to cover repair costs.