Ozogen specializes in O3 / Ozone gas solutions for water or air sanitation together with maintenance and repairs to O3 equipment.

We stock a wide range of parts and equipment locally.

Ozogen was active with R&D from 2004, officially started trading in 2006 and has since then built a remarkable customer base working with some of the top companies.


Ozogen carries spares locally to be able to repair or upgrade any O3 / Ozone unit from any manufacturer. All repairs are performed by specialised technical staff that will ensure the product is better than when bought new from the original supplier.


Most O3 / Ozone equipment is imported with very little to no support for maintenance or repairs locally. We are able to maintain or repair any unit from any supplier. We understand poor design areas with possible failure points and perform upgrades to ensure better than new performance of any unit.

Air Sanitation

Ozogen have provided O3 air sanitation solutions to various companies for control of bacteria on surfaces and odour control in areas like doctors rooms, packaging plants and refuse rooms.

Water Sanitation

Ozogen provides solutions to clean up municipal water or water taken from rivers and boreholes. Each solution is custom designed to the customer requirement with filtration and O3 treatment.