Venturi Injectors

Ozogen stocks a full range of venturi injectors of varying sizes and quality.

We manufacture a specially designed 50mm venturi machined from solid PVC ideal for use with standard 50mm PVC pipes.

Check Valves - Non Return Valves

Ozogen stocks a full range of ozone resistant check valves.

These check valves are of various designs and withstand different pressures with different crack pressures.

O3 Generator Kits, Parts & Components

Ozogen stocks a full range of components like corona discharge tubes, power supplies and complete kits sourced from various suppliers.

We stock these components to allow us to offer repair services on any products offering a one stop shop for DIY or repairs.

Bulkheads & Other Fittings

Ozogen stock a full range of various bulkhead connectors and screw in fittings. These barbs are designed for 6mm and 8mm tubing as we stock and use 6mm and 8mm tubing in most of our applications.

We also manufacture our own stainless steel bulkheads for use on our products.




To purchase any of these products direct, please click on this link to email us

TOP GRADE SUPPLIERS - Everything we sell has been sourced from top grade suppliers, carefully tested to ensure top quality and longetivity.

STANDARDS - We seek suppliers whom sell  RoHS and CE certified products. Every product is then again tested by us for the intended use and all documentation and certifications from the suppliers verified.

MATERIALS - With Ozone Generators it is very important to use the correct materials from end to end to ensure that the Ozone will not destroy the materials and thereby contaminate the Ozone output.

To this end it is important that treated highest grade stainless steel, glazed ceramic, teflon, kynar and treated silicon is used.

Ozogen applies knowledge gained through experience of various models that have been placed in the market over the years to continually improve new products by selecting materials from only the best suppliers.

WARRANTY - Ozogen puts its name behind each of these products by offering a standard warranty.

Even though you are buying something made by another supplier, we have the warranty agreement with you and then back to back agreements with our suppliers.